Take Extra Precaution During This COVID-19 Pandemic with Disinfection Services!

Even today at your home you must be cautious about the various touch points and surfaces that we may have overlooked when cleaning prior to the pandemic. Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces such as: tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc. When cleaning please make sure you are wearing disposable gloves and soap and water . In this case use the soap and water on the surfaces first then follow with a household disinfectant  if needed. Remember to wash your hands immediately after removing your gloves and keep [...]

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Cleaning Can Burn Just As Many Calories As Going To The Gym!

While cleaning can be a chore, it can also be a great workout for those who don’t have enough time to go to the gym. You can burn 100 calories for every hour you clean depending on your weight. Take a look at the article listed below to see exactly how loading the dishes, cleaning your bathroom could help you exercise the amount of time you want too. How Many Calories Can You Burn While Cleaning Your House? Work runs late, kids have soccer practices, and household chores need to get finished sometime. Sitting at your [...]

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Remove Condensation Rings with This Simple DIY Life-hack

Remove Condensation Rings!  No matter how many times you yell at people about it, and no matter how many coasters you buy and place them on the table, someone will always put a hot or cold drink on your beautiful wood coffee table. Then you’re left with this ugly condensation ring, the sight of which you cannot bear. Well, there’s an easy DIY solution to this problem and chances are you probably already own the main ingredient: toothpaste. What you’ll need: A non-gel toothpaste A soft cloth A little elbow grease. Directions: Apply a small amount [...]

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The Truth About Bleach As A Cleaner

Bleach as a cleaner is often noted as the cheap cleaner that will sterilize above all else. While bleach is an effective disinfectant, it does have its downsides. Bleach as a cleaner can be rough on countertops. Even when diluted, bleach can be a strong, abrasive cleaner. For your stone or concrete countertops this can cause the sealant to wear down, causing you the hassle of having to reseal your counter sooner rather than later. And for your laminate countertops, they are tough but over time, bleach can cause discoloration. Also, while household bleach isn’t toxic, it can be an [...]

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30 Days for Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning! We don’t know about you, but every Winter we get anxious to open the windows and let in the fresh air. Although we clean thoroughly, there are places that are difficult to see in the dead of winter. To start fresh, follow this Spring cleaning 30 day checklist to clean your home from top to bottom. It doesn’t have to be hard: check off one item a day and before you know it, the sun will be shining and your floors will be spotless. Download the checklist PDF WEEK 1 Day 1: Dust all [...]

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Flu-Proof Your Home

Show winter colds the door by keeping a germ-free house with these Flu-Proof Your Home tips:  Keep an eye out for germ hot spots in the home.​ Germs love to linger on the most popular surfaces like the remote controls, phones, door handles and keys. Clean these daily to avoid spreading germs between family members. It is as simple as wiping them down with a disinfectant. Make hand washing second nature.​ Remind your kids to wash their hands when they get home from school before they run rampant in the house. All those kids they played with are coming home [...]

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Need Client Gift Ideas? We Got ’Em.

We have just over a week to go until Christmas — and the clock is ticking. Are you still trying to put together some last minute gifts for your clients? We have the tips and ideas to make your gift and business unforgettable. Top 5 Client Gifts This Holiday Season Books. Pick a book that has been most influential to your business and give it as a gift to your clients. This gives customers insight into what your company culture is all about and may open up discussions about it in the future. Make sure to write a personalized note [...]

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Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be Tradition

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day: Arguably the greatest holidays of the year bringing people from all over the world together. You may be having family or friends over you haven’t seen since last year because they either live far away or just because life itself get’s in the way. Regardless, you are probably experiencing a ray of emotions. First you start out being stressed, panicking about cleaning your house and buying supplies to cook. Then once all is said and done and they arrive, you will be excited to see them and those feeling of stress [...]

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When the Dust Settles, We Will Be There

In many ways, the cooler weather can be a blessing. But in some ways, it can also be a curse. Why’s that, you say? Dust buildup for the win! During the hot months of summer, fans are constantly going full bore to keep cool in the workplace. And once September and October hit, the fall air comes through and everyone is ready to put those fans into storage. Without fans circulating the airflow, we see a lot of dust buildup from stagnant air or dust being brought in through the windows and open doors. Dust is something that [...]

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Clean Less, Live More

Let’s talk cleaning statistics. Trust me when I say this will be just as much an eye opener for you as it was for me. On average, Americans spend 30 days out of each year doing household chores. Yes, I said it. Thirty days. That is a whopping 720 hours a year! Let’s take a step back and really put that into perspective. If we spend 30 days a year (or 720 hours a year) and the average life expectancy is 78 years old, this means we are spending about 56,160 hours a lifetime cleaning. Twenty percent of people said household [...]

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